Black Host

from by Mooth



“I'm a slave for fate” said
The young man to his Lord
“Let me free for one day
as I never been before”
The Lord smiling answered:
“You'd risk everything?!
For a moment of pleasure
Like the original sin”
“Please, Lord, don't blame me
like I don't blame you.
I'd burn all the Eden
to do what I would!
Just one day I asked you
To go everywhere.
If in my back you refused me,
I'do the same again”

We are so young.


from Slow Sun, released September 15, 2013




Mooth Italy

Mooth is a noise-rock band that play a mix of sludge and hardcore, with darker and heavier influences along the lines of the new math-rock scene, Fast-paced songs, no solos, strong punk reminiscences, a rough-edged and no-frills approach to production and recording.
"Slow Sun" was recorded at the Downtown Studios, Pavia (Italy) by William "Bluesforce" Novati and released for Martinè Records.
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