Debra DeSanto Was A Heartbreaker

from by Mooth



Light the fire
When the winter comes
From Babel’s Tower
Fall the bricks of roses
Bended down trees
Stairway for the sun
You get on your knees
To please another one

Debra, we’ve lost the best years
We’ve lost everything

Grow the flowers
When the winter comes
You’re the summer
Who give me the fun
Sinless in sin
Sickness leaves you alone
But you get on your knees
To please another one

Debra we’ve lost the best years

Clean as water/ clean as water

Remember me
Our life together
Your last embrace
Your eyes forever
We’ll drink again
A cup of ever
Just filled with sun
That burns the flavours

Where is my home
Your heart
Where is my bones
Just gone.


from Slow Sun, released September 15, 2013




Mooth Italy

Mooth is a noise-rock band that play a mix of sludge and hardcore, with darker and heavier influences along the lines of the new math-rock scene, Fast-paced songs, no solos, strong punk reminiscences, a rough-edged and no-frills approach to production and recording.
"Slow Sun" was recorded at the Downtown Studios, Pavia (Italy) by William "Bluesforce" Novati and released for Martinè Records.
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