Red Carpet On The Hillside

from by Mooth



No Air , there's no air
T'rains soil on the roofs of this place
Burnin' trees, torch of pitch
The northern sun doesn't warm but freeze
Rush the moves, stop the thoughts
I saw a thousand light, then I forgot
A squinter's army, hyaline pupils
Armless' hands are killing people.

Pieces of meet drown in the mud
were part of me, better of my heart
Everything's dead, deleted and razed
Sky is red , sky is red
Because something still blazes.

It's so hot in the mouths of these men
the tongue passes on lips ,weting the cracks
words that are sweating, slide on the neck
Silence the noise, deflagrating my head.



from Slow Sun, released September 15, 2013




Mooth Italy

Mooth is a noise-rock band that play a mix of sludge and hardcore, with darker and heavier influences along the lines of the new math-rock scene, Fast-paced songs, no solos, strong punk reminiscences, a rough-edged and no-frills approach to production and recording.
"Slow Sun" was recorded at the Downtown Studios, Pavia (Italy) by William "Bluesforce" Novati and released for Martinè Records.
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